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(Courses taught at ENSTA-Bretagne)

Practical work Robotic Operating System (ROS) 2A / 36h
Practical work Embedded linux (Docker) 2A / 4h

(Courses taught at École navale)

Course Symbolic AI S4
Course Expert System S4
Course/Practical work Robotic Operating System (ROS) S3
Practical work Object-Oriented Programming : C++ S3 / 14h

(Courses taught at École navale)

Practical work Object-Oriented Programming : java S3 / 14h
Practical work Computer networks and Cyber-security S1 / 12h

(Courses taught at Aix-Marseille Université)

Supervised course Web S4 / 10.00h
Supervised course Formal Languages S4 / 15.00h
Supervised course Student's personal and professional project 3 S5 / 12.00h
Supervised course Introduction of Computer Science S1 / 22.00h
Practical work Web S4 / 22.67h
Practical work Project: Introduction of Software Engineering S4 / 16.00h
Practical work Formal Languages S4 / 4.00h
Practical work Compilation S6 / 13.33h
Practical work Computer Science S1 / 24.00h
Practical work Computer Operation S2 / 16.00h
Practical work Programming 1 S2 / 32.00h

(Course taught at Aix-Marseille Université)

Practical work Embedded Systems S7 / 20.00h

(Courses taught at Aix-Marseille Université)

Practical work Microcontroller Synchronous Programming S6 / 20.00h
Practical work Embedded Systems S7 / 20.00h

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