José-Luis Vilchis-Medina

💻 Research Fields 💻

▒ My research field focuses mainly on symbolic Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications on autonomous/intelligents agents. Some keywords about the disciplines involved :

🔍 Supervision 🔍

Post-doctoral Students:

Master Students:

  • 2022:
    • Tom Ravaud from ParisTech, Master 1, research internship (6 months).
    • Maelys Lupin from ENIB, Master 1, mentored projet (4 months).

⚙ Current Scientific Projets ⚙

Here, I list scientific projetcs that I'm currently collaborating on :

  • 2022-2025: projet AID-TECTONIC (An environmenTal knowlEdge-based approaCh for real-time navigaTiOn of uNmanned aerIal vehiCles beyond GNSS). The purpose of this research project is to propose an alternative operational positioning system for a UAV based on video images. This approach will be based on the embedding of knowledge (environmental, mission planning) which will evaluate errors in the positioning of the UAV and decide in real-time on the progression of the mission to adapt its navigation trajectory according to the information from image analysis, sensor data from sensors (altimeter, IMU, etc.), weather conditions, etc.

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